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Which Consumers and Industry Prefer More of Transparent Packaging
Which Consumers and Industry Prefer More of Transparent Packaging
March 29, 2018

Transparent packaging tends to be more attractive than opaque containers. This is because it allows the consumers to see what is inside. It is all about perception, the moment in which the decision to buy is made by the consumer is largely influenced by the package design, branding, colors and form the product comes in.


People usually think that transparent packaging makes the product look better, more elegant, alluring or healthier.


In the US, 54% of consumers think that it is necessary to see the product through its package to compare. This is very true in the case of consumers age 55 and up. They have less trust on what is written on the package about the product. Most people want to see the product itself and highly value the ability to see it for themselves.


This may not be the case for consumers aged 25-34, of which, in some polls, 20% say they would prefer to see the product through the pack. As such, the importance of transparent packaging increases with the consumers’ age. Clear packaging and window on packages can also help build brand equity. With the right branding on transparent packaging, market reviews and strategy, the 25-34-year-old consumers can still be won over. Most products gain premium positioning due to the ability to demonstrate high quality.


Clear bottom pouches or customized packaging are a great way to establish the transparency of your product’s quality. Transparent packaging is often employed by the food and dessert industry, where manufacturers use clear materials to pack and display their food products.


One key benefit of a clear packaging is the clean and fresh appearance of the food products. It helps increase buyers’ initial perception of freshness and further validates that what you see is what you get. It can also help show that a product is free from preservatives and has been never frozen.


Transparent packaging, together with clever labeling and branding, prove to be very effective in catching the attention of health-conscious and quality-oriented consumers. This trend in the packaging industry will enable you to increase revenue and position your product just right.


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