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Standard Products

Vue-Craft offers standard PVC transparent tube packaging you can customize. We personalize your packaging choices with hot-stamped or screen-printed logos, messages, and graphics in colored or metallic foils of your choice.

While many of our customers opt for our custom packaging options because of the versatility and the customization options available, there are those of you who need fast, easy, standard transparent tube packaging and plastic boxes. Of course, the fact that our standard products are pre-made doesn’t mean that you can’t personalize them.

We offer a wide range of personalization option for all our standard products. You can customize them so that they carry a personal message for the person the package product will be presented to. Our selection of standard products is geared to supply consumers in a variety of fields for a range of situations. These include gift boxes, bouquets, and cylindrical containers.

These products include transparent tube packaging, boxes, bags, and more!

All of our premade products are designed to fit a variety of sizes of items, which means that when you place an order with our team you can purchase packaging that is of the right size to fit your unique requirements. This means that if you don’t have the time or the budget for a custom packaging solution, you can still fulfill your needs with our standard packaging options, regardless of how specific they are.

If by any chance we do not stock the specific PVC transparent tube packaging products you are looking for, we will gladly manufacture custom clear packaging according to your specifications. Whether you need clear product packaging, clear plastic boxes packaging, or any other custom packaging - Vue-Craft is the best choice in the market.

clear product packaging Rectangle 2 Piece Boxes
clear plastic boxes packaging Round Gift Trays
clear product packaging Tubes / Cylinders
clear plastic boxes packaging Folding 1 Piece Boxes

clear product packaging Oval Containers
clear plastic boxes packaging Vacuum-Formed Containers
clear product packaging Chocolate Boxes
Specialty Boxes Specialty Boxes