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Welcome to Vue-Craft


Your Source for Clear Product Packaging


Vue-Craft is a specialist in the manufacturing of custom PVC clear product packaging. Whether you need specialized protection for shipping bulk products, or an attractive display for self-marketing merchandise, Vue-Craft can custom fit clear packaging to any type of product. This includes designs for custom orders of all sizes, shapes, and complexities! Our clients come from a wide range of different industries, and we have successfully adapted our clear plastic boxes packaging options for every single one of them.

These clear plastic boxes packaging options are designed for specialty applications for both commercial and individual clients. We have many specialty options for our clear plastic boxes; this packaging is specifically designed to match your exact needs! We are more than willing to review your product requirements with you and create a solution that will aid in shipping, display, and any other aspect that is important to your business. When designed correctly, clear product packaging does all of this and more – and we are the experts in packaging design.

If your situation is a more standard one and you require a quick and easy solution, we also have many standard clear plastic boxes, as well as packaging options that have been specialized for common industry needs. Whatever you may need, we promise to provide you with the best customer service in the field. Our service standards are the highest in the region. Your clear packaging requirements will be met perfectly and in time for your business’s needs. Please take a moment to browse our selection and learn more about what we have to offer. If you have any questions about our clear product packaging options, feel free to contact us anytime.