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Standard Products / Specialty Boxes

Our specialty boxes can be designed in a huge variety of sizing options for the perfect fit to your unique products. Depending on your product’s size and shape, we can suggest a particular specialty box for your business.

Our inventory is constantly updated and refilled to ensure that our clients will receive their specialty boxes of choice without a long wait. If we do not have the specific packaging products you are looking for, we will gladly manufacture a custom solution according to your specifications.

Please take a moment to browse through our specialty boxes.

Carry-All with Handles Carry-All with Handles
Petal Boxes Petal Boxes
Truffle Boxes Truffle Boxes
Triangle Wands Triangle Wands

Pyramids Pyramids
Pillow Boxes Pillow Boxes
Chests Chests
6 Sided Self-Closing Boxes 6 Sided Self-Closing Boxes

Star Star
Rigid Bags Rigid Bags
Folding Box for Business Cards Folding Box for Business Cards
Oblong 6 Sided Oblong 6 Sided

Diamond Box Diamond Box
Chinese Style Chinese Style