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The Increasing Demand for Flexible Transparent Packaging
The Increasing Demand for Flexible Transparent Packaging
March 23, 2018

The Canadian retail industry is mainly characterized by sustainable, on-the-go, small-sized, and functional packages. The industry is expected to grow to about 50,000 million units by 2021, largely because of the consumers’ busy lifestyles that demand for on-the-go packs. Some prefer to choose products with luxurious packaging while others want eco-friendly packages. There are a lot of variations in terms of packaging options for manufacturers. There are those fully-enclosed boxes with fancy designs to catch the shoppers’ eyes. But many still opt for transparent plastic packaging to let the product itself attract the buyers.


With Vue-Craft, you can opt for transparent plastic packaging that is customized to the size and shape of your product as well as your branding and colours.


When it comes to material, rigid plastics and flexible packaging tops the market share for 2016-2021 because they are lightweight, with small-pack sizes, and cost-effective. They are mostly used in the categories of bakery and cereals, dairy, and soft drinks. Food and soft drinks products are the primary users or rigid plastics as they are malleable and can help protect or preserve food for long periods of time. Flexible packs such as transparent plastic packaging are mostly used in the bakery, dairy, and confectionery products. They are perfect for product display in retail, as they accentuate and display a product.


They offer convenience, low cost, flexibility, and a lower carbon footprint in comparison with rigid plastics. The differences in the growing demand across various industries for packaging materials including transparent plastic packaging and opaque boxes, a fundamental shift in the retail market. These differentials are due to several factors such as regulatory compliance, changing consumer preferences, and innovations made in the packaging industry.


Each consumer is unique in every way and has their own preferences that can change anytime - that is why Vue-Craft provides custom packaging solutions, including transparent plastic packaging. Experience and modern tolls enable us to design PVC packaging of all shapes and sizes. Our full service design options will give you the edge on retail shelves.


Contact or call us today to learn more about transparent packaging!

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