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What Are the Advantages of Transparent Plastic Packaging
What Are the Advantages of Transparent Plastic Packaging
April 19, 2018

Clear plastic boxes as well as clear product packaging are two very essential and attractive means of presenting your products to the public. Be it a pack of chocolates, want it to hold a mix of gifts and other paraphernalia, transparent plastic packaging is the way to go.

Market research continues to suggest, and strongly so, that identical items when packaged in clear packaging had a higher perceived value than their unpacked counterparts.

Experts have determined a number of reasons why transparent plastic packaging is preferred by customers for their product – other than just a matter of personal preference.

Here is a list of the various advantages of transparent plastic packaging.

  • Easy Embossing, Debossing and Foil Stamping -- When using non-printed transparent plastic packaging, especially cartons, it allows the creative freedom to decorate it with eye-catching graphics.
  • Beauty and Simplicity -- When your package is clear, it emphasizes the product itself. Thus, customers can quickly identify what is being offered (add to it the higher perceived value attributed to packaged items).
  • Eye Fixation -- Eye metrics studies reveal that transparent plastic packaging make the eyes fixate on them 343 percent longer than paperboard packages and are therefore purchased 402 percent more than those with paperboard packages.
  • Effective Brand Communication -- What else could possibly advertise your brand but a clear plastic packaging that offers more visibility than something which hides the product from view. After all, allowing the customer to view contents easily gives them more confidence and more time to focus on the product.
  • Elegance -- For many products, having transparent plastic packaging is all about elegance and prestige. This is because usually only a proud manufacturer would be bold enough to display his products totally to the public.
  • Consumer confidence – Transparent plastic packaging imparts a sense of hygiene and quality to the item within. Be it a box of chocolates or a magazine, customers are more likely to view the item within more favorably than a similar product packaged without such packaging.

When it comes to providing transparent plastic packaging for your merchandise, Vue-Craft has a wide array of clear packaging options for all shapes and sizes. Our clientele comes from a wide range of industries including food and beverage as well as other commercial products. We have vast experience in custom transparent plastic packaging, and our knowledgeable design staff will help you develop cost-effective packaging for your needs.

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