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Decorative Options for Transparent Tube Packaging
Decorative Options for Transparent Tube Packaging
April 10, 2018

Consumer perception is the key factor that influences purchasing decision. With paperboard packaging, the customer can’t see the product or see its best feature. There is also the risk to have some damage during transportation and the resulting display issues. Any cracks or tears in the carton create an instant negative impression to consumers. This is where clear transparent tube packaging becomes a great alternative for manufacturers and entrepreneurs.


A direct and open view of the product better conveys its unique quality and special features, even if it’s something as simple as a pastry, showcasing the freshness and coloring of the food item.


In particular, transparent tube packaging is a highly efficient marketing option because it provides excellent barrier protection, convenience, is highly flexible in custom design, and really draws in the potential buyer.


Clear tube containers can be customized with printing, labeling, slicing, punching or other design options to create the most distinct and functional package possible. They can be used to pack almost every product but are mostly for packaging cosmetics, crafts, beads, toys, electronics food and even hardware.


The primary purpose of using transparent tube packaging is to allow direct display of the product enclosed. Of course, manufacturers and retailers need their packaged products to have branding elements, content description, and UPC codes. There are so many variety of decorating options to consider which can help turn any plain and clear tube into a customer friendly, attractive packaging.


  • Printing. This can be done directly onto the transparent tube packaging. This method is cost effective and the graphics can be applied in any surface of the tube. Printing is an ideal option for tubes with large print areas and can be done in nearly 360 degrees’ coverage. 
  • Labeling. Labels offer much better graphic details and can be printed with many colors. A label can also include the UPC codes and with a high speed labeling machine, the tubes can be processed very quick so costs are much lower or the comparable to screen printing. 
  • Shrink sleeves. Also called as bands, this option is perfect for applications where tamper-proof tubes are necessary. They are also labels which are slid over the tube and heated to form a tight seal. The bands can be placed near the top of the package for a tamper resistant package while still reaping the benefits of transparent tube packaging.


Our knowledgeable design staff at Vue-Craft will help you develop the perfect packaging for your merchandise. We will work closely with you from start to finish, from conceptualizing your transparent tube packaging to developing it as to your exact requirements. We will provide you with custom samples for you to know exactly what your finished packaging will look like.


Want to learn more about transparent tube packaging? Contact Vue-Craft today!

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