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Ways To Use Transparent Plastic Packaging Responsibly
Ways To Use Transparent Plastic Packaging Responsibly
June 06, 2018

Transparent plastic packaging is simply a great way to showcase your product. Whether to enhance the perception of your product, to use the packaging as a blank canvas to emphasize your logo and brand, or simply to provide protection without hurting visibility, transparent plastic packaging is an extremely versatile option for, virtually, all of your needs. In fact, some of the most highly regarded and highest selling chocolates, electronic gadgets and textiles are sold in some form of transparent plastic packaging.


However, as anyone will know, plastic has often come under the public spotlight for its impact on the environment. The irony of that statement is that whereas low grade plastic is detrimental to the environment, high quality transparent plastic packaging is recyclable and can be re-purposed (albeit further down the chain) easily. Plastics are of very many types and this affects how and how well they can be recycled. Some plastics will go on to be used as new consumer transparent plastic packaging; others will end up in more ‘industrial’ roles, such as speed humps.


Unfortunately, poor recycling practices have put paid to the tremendous efforts that are continually undertaken by industry to maximize the utility of plastic. In this article we look at some ways in which you can encourage environmentally-responsible use of transparent plastic packaging.


  • Reduce waste – Reducing plastic waste begins with the simple function of: reducing waste. Transparent plastic packaging used to contain perishable items is one aspect, the other is the customer not utilizing the perishable good within its edible life and causing. Reducing waste in this situation would be by reducing waste altogether.
  • Transport – Transparent plastic packaging is about the lightest of packing materials you can find, for any application. Replacing it with any other material, which can make a business case for itself at this price point, will mean additional waste, excess use of space – and, ultimately, less efficient shipping.
  • Information – Customers require a bit of impetus and information before they will recycle effectively. Print or advertise the recycling guidelines on your transparent plastic packaging to make customers aware that it is indeed recyclable and shouldn’t be thrown in the trash.
  • Education – Campaigns to educate children and adults alike about responsibly disposing of plastic is an important step in reducing plastic waste. Transparent plastic packaging that can be purposed will mean less to be processed at recycling centers and at the landfill.


Vue-Craft is your source for high quality transparent plastic packaging. We endeavor to use energy efficient methods in the creation of our transparent plastic packaging and encourage our customers to spread the word about responsible recycling of plastic products.


To know more about how we can meet your transparent plastic packaging needs in an environmentally responsible way, get in touch.

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