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Transparent Packaging and Retail Display
Transparent Packaging and Retail Display
June 05, 2018

Transparent plastic packaging is one of the best types of packages when it comes to display on the shelves, preserving food freshness and allowing for easy transport and recycling. With VueCraft, you can give your product an additional competitive edge on the shelves.


Transparent plastic packaging can be easily customized to specific sizes and shapes with messages, logos and branded colored graphics for any product.


PVC transparent plastic packaging provides you with high visibility for any type of product which allows customers to instantly see your products, see their selling qualities and make a purchase decision.

Another good thing about transparent plastic packaging is that it won’t really be hard on your budget. These product packages are actually reasonably priced. They are also highly varied in designs. Custom-made packages boost your profits while lowering your costs.

Plastic PVC packaging is used in many sizes and forms. It is generally preferred for display and preservation. Here are the best uses for transparent plastic packaging:

Oval Containers – This type of transparent plastic packaging occurs in three unique sizes as well as in various lids and bases. Oval containers are a great example of unique plastic packaging with colored bases.

Chocolate Boxes – Considered perfect for all types and sizes of chocolates for all occasions. You can also have a choice among gold, white or brown colors.

 Tubes or Cylinders – This type of transparent plastic packaging is perfect for displaying items for sale. They come in clear, silver or gold. They also have turned edges that guarantee the strength and durability of the structure.

Specialty Boxes – These custom-made transparent plastic packaging comes in various sizes to fit any products of your choice. They come in unique designs like diamond box, truffle box or petal box. There are also pyramid and Chinese designs.


To learn more about customizable transparent plastic package, or to request a consultation with one of our expert designers, call VueCraft today!

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