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Putting The Form and Function Of Transparent Plastic Packaging To Use
Putting The Form and Function Of Transparent Plastic Packaging To Use
May 31, 2018

Any business owner will know how important packaging is to setting the right tone for their product. Transparent plastic packaging is known to enhance consumer perception of the product, as compared to the same being presented without any packaging. And, of course, there is also the opportunity to emblazon transparent plastic packaging with your own logo, brand identity and trade dress.


Transparent plastic packaging not only improves product perception, it enhances business opportunity and protects your product from damage and contamination.


But, is packaging merely a marketing tool, one which differentiates your offerings from another’s? Actually, transparent plastic packaging serves a number of very crucial functions. In this article we look at how, in addition to raising the perceived quality of your product, transparent plastic packaging helps numerously.


Size – The size of your transparent plastic packaging will give you options about bifurcating your product lines. With buying options in different quantities and weights, you can cover multiple price brackets, increase choice for customers and offer tiered pricing plans.


Protection – Packaging can and does protect your items from contamination; even limited amounts of damage protection can be expected, like the kind expected in shipping. This is particularly useful if you are selling perishable items.


Containment – Continuing on the theme of perishables, your customers will thank you for the transparent plastic packaging you used in case of any spills.


Hygiene – Be it a perishable or non-perishable item, transparent plastic packaging is a great way to maintain hygiene. Food safety codes are strict about how edible items are presented; and even items, like those for gifting, will be cleaner when packaged.


Shelf life – Transparent plastic packaging can be used to lengthen the shelf life of goods. Depending on how it is configured (for instance, perforated), packaging can regulate sealing conditions and increase the shelf life of the product. Producers are known to have included anti-bacterial or other desirable properties into the packaging itself, by way of coatings and the like.


Regardless of your packaging needs, Vue-Craft has the capability to custom make transparent plastic packaging to suit your exact requirements. Our packaging in a number of configurations and is suited for a number of applications. From malleable to stiff, our packaging can be used in a variety of ways.

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