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Transparent Packaging with VueCraft
Transparent Packaging with VueCraft
May 24, 2018

The global plastic packaging market was a 97-billion-dollar industry in 2016. It is even expected to reach 131-billion dollars globally by 2022. This is because transparent packaging is one of the biggest in the world of plastic packaging. Although there are many aspects to this multi-billion dollar industry and business, its success is largely due to the flexibility, ease and appeal that transparent packaging offers.


What's So Good About Transparent Packaging?


Custom clear packaging is a must in distribution and marketing because of its many advantages. It can actually fit any type of product regardless of size or shape with expert customization. Clear plastic is even required in some commercial industries as well as for some individual customers. Here are just a few advantages of transparent packaging:

  • Aesthetic Appeal -- Many studies have shown that there is a 600% chance that the product will likely be picked up if it is inside a transparent package or box.
  • Effective Visibility -- Products with transparent packaging are more easily seen and could attract the attention of customers by 678%.  The more easily it is seen, the more likely it is to be bought.
  • Positive Sales Growth -- Items with transparent packaging are more likely to be inspected and bought. In fact, transparent packaging boosts sales of almost any product by 200%
  • Easy Advertising -- There is no easier way to promote a product than by simply just putting it inside an attractive transparent packaging. This is useful when it comes to advertising and exhibiting products for public display.
  • Full Visibility -- Aside from the fact that products are easily seen when they are in transparent packages, the visibility advantage allows customers to be able to inspect the product well, feeling more confident in their purchase.
  • Customizable Shapes and Designs -- Transparent packaging is not that simple and boring. It can actually be configured in unlimited ways depending on the taste of the customer. Moreover, it can even be transformed into hybrid packages.
  • Easy Printing and Embossing -- easy printing and embossing allows for effective and easy branding or labeling.
  • Neutrality and Versatility -- Unlike colored or designed packaging, transparent packaging does not trigger any strong emotions or mood in the viewer or customer. Moreover, it allows additional decoration of any color.


Transparent packaging gives any product greater visibility in the marketplace. Aside from these advantages, transparent packaging is also environmentally sensible because clear plastics are usually made from 50% recycled material and can be easily recycled. The rigid plastic packaging industry is gaining more and more popularity especially in the food and beverage industry.

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