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Using Custom Transparent Packaging To Reduce Food Waste
Using Custom Transparent Packaging To Reduce Food Waste
June 25, 2018

Custom transparent packaging has been a mainstay of the small business, formal gathering or the local farmers’ market for decades now. It has proven itself a reliable and dependable companion to your business. Particularly something like cookies, croissants, tofu and other perishable or messy food items have been packaged effectively in custom transparent packaging.


As a means of transportation and showcasing your product, custom transparent packaging is a great option. It is unparalleled too for keeping your offering hygienic and stopping it from spoiling.


However, for the longest time there has been a misconception that all custom transparent packaging is harmful to the environment. Well, we take a look at how much merit lies in that theory.


  • Reducing waste – Let’s begin with the obvious, food packed in custom transparent packaging is known to last longer. Less prone to spoiling from contamination and decay, such packaging is actually proven to reduce food waste. Good thing too, given a staggering nearly 40 million tons of food is said to be wasted every year around the world! In fact, various studies have highlighted custom transparent packaging as an important solution to this problem of food ending up in the landfill.
  • Increasing shelf life – By using custom transparent packaging food manufacturers increase the shelf life of their food significantly. The plastic provides a barrier against oxygen reacting with the food. Tests have shown that food sealed in simple custom transparent packaging lasts up to 10 times longer than ‘fresh’ food which is left out in the open.
  • Recyclable – Buy custom transparent packaging from an unreliable source and you are putting yourself at risk in two ways: first, you may be getting a sub-standard product; second, a poor quality plastic is far less likely to be recyclable than high quality plastic. Make sure to check with your supplier if the plastic used for your custom transparent packaging is recyclable.
  • Stellar examples – Large supermarket chains are accountable not only for the food they stock but also their environmental. Which is why enormous supermarkets have chosen to opt for plastic packaging as a means to reduce waste. The reason? The environmental footprint of using plastic packaging is far outweighed (by a factor of 2!) by the enormous food waste that accrues.
  • Efficiency - Custom transparent packaging permits efficiencies up and down the production and consumption chain. Items can be shipped together without risk of contamination; packaged food lowers the risk of disease; high quality plastic will mean people can choose to repurpose or recycle it.
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