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Choosing the Right Transparent Plastic Packaging For Your Perishables
Choosing the Right Transparent Plastic Packaging For Your Perishables
June 19, 2018

At Vue-Craft we have over sixty years of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying transparent plastic packaging products to our customers. We have been commissioned for myriad projects, to provide transparent plastic packaging for so many different applications, and provide packaging that complies with a number of different standard and safety laws.


When someone not dealing with transparent plastic packaging in the normal course of business thinks of it, he or she is unable to fathom quite the complexity that goes behind the design and making of the product. Or even the many benefits that can be had from transparent plastic packaging.


For this instalment of our latest article we look at the most cookie-cutter of cookie-cutting transparent plastic packaging – that used to package cookies (insert you own sweet snack here).


Certainly, everyone has seen transparent plastic packaging being used at fairs, festivals, farmers’ markets and more to sell cookies, colourful candy and homemade goodies.


So let’s start with that: ‘seen’. Transparent plastic packaging puts your food product front and centre. Not only do your customers see exactly what they will be getting, it saves you the hassle and effort of having to add additional branding like sleeves or stickers. This not only saves you time, it is also better for the environment.


Second, transparent plastic packaging is a great barrier from contamination. To keep your foodstuffs hygienic and safe from contamination. Having a reusable lid such as one which is attached by a hinge to the box or can be removed completely will make the transparent plastic packaging nearly impenetrable to ordinary spills, dust and the like.


A completely covered or sealed plastic box also makes it easy for customers to transport their goodies. From throwing it conveniently into a shopping bag or carrying it on a warm day, transparent plastic packaging will keep your product fresher for longer.


Another factor that new buyers don’t consider about transparent plastic packaging is its shape. Make sure to get the shape most suitable for your product as well as to get your saleable product right. Add to that multiple sizes, et voila, you have a line-up offering multiple buying choices. It lets you cater to different types of customers and target multiple price points.


The structure of the transparent plastic packaging is crucial too. Brittle items which will rattle around in a small box are perhaps best packaged in snug, custom-shaped transparent plastic packing or individually in film wraps. Similarly, consider if your product can be made to last longer in the packaging by extracting air from within the packaging and sealing it.

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