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Transparent Packaging Experts - VueCraft
Transparent Packaging Experts - VueCraft
April 24, 2018

Vue-Craft has been striving to meet the highest standard of quality for over 60 years, with experience that is unsurpassed to further develop our craft. As a specialist in manufacturing custom transparent packaging solutions, we have an extensive range of design ideas that will certainly cover almost every application.


We can offer customized in transparent packaging to bolster sales, make packaging easier and highlight branding.



The ability for transparent packaging to offer pleasing display results and protect its content is a great benefit. Ideal for display cases, food industry and general retail display use, the transparent composition gives it a clean and serene result that calls the attention of the customer. They are also useful in functioning as dust covers to displays and gadgets. These are some of the standard offerings we carry:.

  • Folding one piece boxes
  • Round gift trays
  • Rectangular two piece boxes
  • Oval containers

Variable sizes and shapes

Compared to the standard packaging, variable sizes and shapes can be manufactured to order. If you cannot find the ideal transparent packaging, we can design and create something that is tailored to your product. Our excellent and highly skilled design teams are always ready for the challenge when it comes to out-of-the box thinking and creative designing to further suit each individuals request and application.

In-house manufacturing

Every single product from VueCraft is individually manufactured in-house. This ensures that every product is guaranteed quality and durability. We pride ourselves in our ability to transform all sorts of transparent packaging into high quality display that can attract customers.

For transparent packaging in any type of business, VueCraft is geared to provide excellent service and high quality product results. Browse our websites and gallery to get an idea of the type of design you may want contact us to request a consultation with an expert.

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