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Transparent Packaging: A Great Way to Make Your Product Stand Out
Transparent Packaging: A Great Way to Make Your Product Stand Out
July 12, 2018

When it comes to product packaging, there are only two types that brand owners can choose from: a more traditional opaque packaging design or the contemporary transparent packaging. Among these two types, transparency provided by clear packaging has become increasingly more prevalent in terms of market share across product categories, especially in the food and beverage industries.


Transparent packaging is the preferred choice over traditional types of packaging.


Studies have been conducted to determine whether there really is an impact of having a physical glimpse of the product for the consumers. These studies present different products packaged differently to subjects. One is packed with an opaque packaging while the other utilizes transparent packaging.


Interestingly enough, results show that transparent packaging has indeed increased the willingness of the people to buy a product, as well as the expected quality and freshness of the product. This is in comparison to the product packaged with only the imagery of the content.


Additionally, the participants of the studies perceived that the products with transparent packaging tasted better and was more preferred overall. Also, the products packed with transparency were viewed to be more trustworthy and thus, received higher consumer preference scores than the plain, or pictured opaque packaging.


Transparent packaging offers so many benefits over traditional forms of packaging. The legitimate transparency builds trust between the consumer and product, allowing them to assess and inspect the details of the product that they’re about to buy. Transparency not only builds trust between you and the consumer, but it allows you to show confidence in your products.


Once you’ve ensured that clear plastic packaging would be beneficial for your business, Vue-Craft will help you achieve the best packaging design that will further get the attention of any potential buyers. We offer a range of transparent packaging options, so contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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