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The Essential Transparent Plastic Packaging Trends for 2018
The Essential Transparent Plastic Packaging Trends for 2018
July 10, 2018

Packaging for most products is considered, by most consumers, as something unnecessary that has to be disposed of – and preferably recycled. Manufacturers and enterprises understand, however, that transparent plastic packaging has a significant role in the success of a product as well as in reducing global product waste.


Transparent plastic packaging allows businesses to extend the freshness of food items, to preserve delicate products and ensure safe delivery. Businesses and brands are also keen to use it to engage with consumers and highlight the benefits of their product.


Engaging the potential customer with transparent plastic packaging will not only extend the shelf life of the product but will draw attention in a more effective manner. Here are some significant trends in the packaging industry for 2018 that reflect consumer attitudes, preferences, and purchasing behavior, from the experts at VueCraft:



More and more consumers prefer to shop online. In this case, packaging plays a crucial role in both the brand and consumers experiences. Convenience is the key benefit of online shopping but consumers still expect more from their favored brands and products. It is therefore very important that in designing transparent plastic packaging for online viewing it reflect the benefits of the consumer experience.


Clean Label

Consumers today are more informed than ever. This puts pressure on the business and brand to aim for a packaging design that can encourage purchase decisions. Too much or too little information on packages will make consumers more confused. A packaging that is overloaded with information can lead to questions of authenticity and transparency. So a clean label in packaging design will promote brand exposure and encourage confident purchasing decisions.


Reinvigoration the Center Aisles

Young consumers are shoppers who prefer to shop at the periphery of the store. They are looking at the fresh and chilled sections while turning their backs on the frozen and processed products. The use of contemporary design, recyclable plastics or other green solutions, attractive shapes and transparent packaging materials will help draw their attention back to the store’s center aisle.


These trends will be very essential to brands, retailers, and the entire packaging industry for the coming years and beyond. To help your business keep up with retailing trend and attract more customers, you can count on VueCraft to give you the best transparent plastic packaging design for your product. Contact us today to learn more

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