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The Ultimate Power of Premium Transparent Packaging
The Ultimate Power of Premium Transparent Packaging
August 21, 2017

Packaging boxes are essential in creating a strong brand that your customer can identify with. When transparent packaging is used, it not only brands your product but also connects them directly with the packaged products. There are various technologies through which these clear packages are made, and include:

  • Soft crease technology
  • Thermoformed packaging clamshells
  • Plastic tube packaging
  • Plastic folding cartons and boxes

For the best results, you need to have your product matched with the right technology through which you can easily leverage on the overall product weight and other design features. The use of transparent packaging gives your product an excellent view. As a result, customers can always view the exact product details without the need to open the packages, which is often tedious and unprofessional in modern marketing.

The use of transparent packaging is advantageous to your brand image as it gives your customers a 360-degree view of your products. To keep your brand identity details such as corporate colors, font, and logos, you might need to customize the packages to your preferred design, shape and finish quality. Critical customization techniques that will always position your product ahead of competition include:

  • Premium surface printing
  • Unique labeling
  • Package punching
  • Package slicing and crimping

There are many advantages when it comes to transparent packaging.


The use of transparent packaging offers numerous benefits, which include the following:

  • Improved 360-degrees visibility of packaged products
  • Packages can be easily branded to match various consumer needs
  • Clear and transparent packaging is a thin-technology that can offer as low as 1mm thick packages, making it light and highly durable.
  • Transparent packaging allows for easy customization through printing, punching or screen-printing

To realize the sheer power of transparent packaging, custom branding is recommended as it allows your customers easily connect with your brand. 

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