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Enhancing Your Product’s Appeal with Clear Plastic Box Packaging
Enhancing Your Product’s Appeal with Clear Plastic Box Packaging
August 03, 2017

Are you currently rebranding your product? Consider clear plastic boxes packaging to display your product during its point of sale. It is important to define the nature and use of the packaging required, to ensure you get the right packaging for the job. There are two types of materials to consider:

  • Plastic (PET or PVC) clear packaging
  • Acetate clear packaging

Typical Applications for Clear Plastic Boxes as Packaging

Your choice of the material should be guided by your needs and use. Common uses of clear packaging include:

  • Crystal clear packaging boxes
  • Food safety boxes
  • Stationary boxes
  • Photo and art boxes
  • Special purpose packages

Clear plastic boxes packaging allows your project to stand out regardless of its intended use. This combined with the ease of branding associated with the use of the boxes make them a must have when packaging premium products. The packaged products are easily visible to consumers, giving them an enhanced view of the packaged products.

Clear plastic boxes packaging is designed to showcase a well-rounded view of the product(s) inside. You can manipulate the packaging to meet your branding techniques - below are a few combinations of products and packaging that go well together:

  • Plastic containers and tube packaging
  • Thermoformed clamshell packaging
  • Plastic folded cartons and boxes

Premium product coverage helps to confer superior value to your customers. Part of this rebranding process involves fine-tuning of the other aspects of how your product is marketed. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Premium print quality
  • Partial stickers on the product cover
  • Adopting a window design that allows your customers to feel and understand the product even before opening the package

Trust the experts at Vue-Craft to guide you in your selection of the best clear plastic boxes packaging for your business. We are industry leaders in the design and packaging of transparent plastic packaging -–contact us today at 416-789-7163!

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