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The Limitless Options That Clear Plastic Boxes Packaging Offers
The Limitless Options That Clear Plastic Boxes Packaging Offers
May 01, 2018

Transparency is a must, especially when it comes to the packaging of a product. Clear plastic boxes packaging is one of the best ways to achieve this. It does not take away the natural appearance of your product, but allows it to be the centerpiece of the whole package. Clear boxes also let you have a professional and creative product presentation with limitless options!

There are hundreds of types of clear plastic boxes packaging! The major ones include:

  • Food safe boxes: a great choice for displaying cupcakes, chocolates, candies, nuts, etc.
  • Photo or art boxes: many are archival ready and perfect for photo prints packaging.  
  • Stationery boxes: ideal for greeting cards, invitations, and more stationery items.
  • Specialty boxes: include pillow box, retail box, shipping box, wine box, ornate box, and many more.

Clear plastic boxes packaging is an attractive yet economical choice. The option for packaging graphics which can be applied directly to the box, either inside or outside, eliminates the cost for header cards or labels! There are no tooling charges and the one-piece design has lower assembly costs. There are also numerous hanging and folding features available for you to consider!

Decorating Options for Your Clear Plastic Boxes Packaging

You can decide whether to let your product shine by itself with clear plastic boxes packaging or add a few catchy elements to the package. Printed transparent boxes create a classic and sophisticated look for most products. This added effect can be done in different printing methods, depending on your preference and taste. The four common processes include offset printing, silk-screen printing, frosting effect, and foil stamping.

Whatever your choice, Vue-Craft is here to provide you with the best clear plastic boxes packaging solution that will surely fit your specific requirements. Our wide selection of clear boxes, sizes and shapes will meet all your product presentation, retail, and storage needs. Our high quality and durable PVC plastic boxes will not only showcase your product but also give it a higher perceived value by customers, thus leading to more sales!

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