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How Transparent Plastic Packaging Promote Customer Engagement
How Transparent Plastic Packaging Promote Customer Engagement
April 26, 2018

The packaging industry continues to grow because of key factors such as changing lifestyles, rising population, and increasing income. The rise in the demand for plastics continues to grow, particularly geared toward recyclable and reused plastics for custom transparent packaging.


Most household’s daily products are packed in plastics. The FMCG industries are the major end-use sector that further expands the demand for plastic packaging, as well as the development of the e-commerce industry. This increasing use of plastics can be attributed to convenience and innovative appearance it can give as well as the convenience it provides to product shipping.


Custom transparent packaging can make a products stand out while improving its shelf-life, particularly in the food and beverage industry.      


There are two primary types of plastic packaging: rigid and flexible packaging. Rigid plastic packaging are those plastic packs that have inflexible form such as bottles, jars, and thin wall plastic containers. While flexible plastic packaging is made of easily yielding materials that can take a bendable shape such as sheets, films, and foils. They are perfect to use for custom transparent packaging that can take the form of flexible bags, wraps, boxes and pouches. Many brand owners value flexible plastic packaging for its high potential for versatility, low cost and effectiveness. Other key reasons that have shifted the consumer’s demand from rigid and flexible packaging include:


  • Technological advancements - the development of flexible films, manufacturing practices, continued innovations in the packaging industry such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Vacuum Packaging which enabled this kind of packaging to advance and adopt to the needs of various products. This further provides more room for innovative designs of custom transparent packaging.
  • Flexible recyclable plastic packaging also helps reduce carbon footprints that results in a more favorable environmental impact.
  • Plastic nanotechnology enhances the barrier properties of flexible plastic packaging.
  • Recyclability - government regulations and growing awareness and trend of recycling and reuse of plastics encourage the packaging industry to develop eco-friendly production practices and sustainable package materials.
  • Increased food quality and shelf life - flexible plastic packaging is proven to be a superior alternative to prolong the shelf-life of perishable goods. This is because plastics offers an excellent barrier to water, oxygen and solvents, which ensures freshness and hygiene of the products for a longer time.


At Vue-craft, we are specialists in manufacturing custom transparent packaging. We offer custom fit clear, flexible plastic packaging great for any product, no matter the size or shape.  

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