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The Best in Custom Transparent Packaging
The Best in Custom Transparent Packaging
February 21, 2018

At Vue-Craft, we take pride in being the experts in designing and manufacturing custom transparent packaging for a wide variety of industries, and for products of any and all types. Our capabilities include providing custom-fitted PVC packaging, and we also carry an extensive line of standard packaging in different shapes, forms and sizes. Transparent packages carry a notable number of benefits for product suppliers and distributers, which is why we work hard to deliver the best in custom transparent packaging for you.


Custom transparent packaging offers several advantages for your business.


The obvious benefit to our custom packaging options is that we are able to provide packages for any number of products in almost any shape or form, and design each piece of plastic to protect and show off your unique items. Although the idea of “plastic” packaging might make some uneasy, the durability of our Canadian-made products is truly outstanding, and can more than adequately protect your items in transit, and once they reach their store locations.

Once your plastic-packaged items have arrived on product shelves, they will be well-protected from the casual damages that result from casual handling without discouraging that same casual handling that so often results in a final sale. Custom transparent packaging is the ideal option for any type of product that could benefit from safe shipping and from being shown off to potential customers – it essentially enables a strong product to sell itself!

Our company manufactures our own products in-house, so you can enjoy the benefits of buying directly from us. We boast experienced staff, with over sixty years of experience as a company, providing Canadian-manufactured products in quick turn-around times so there is minimal or no delay in shipping time on your side of the production line. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how our packaging solutions can benefit your business! 

I love the packaging we came up with with Vuecraft - perfect for our watches!!
Posted by: Jamie | March 8, 2018, 12:51 pm
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