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Top Trends in Transparent Packaging
Top Trends in Transparent Packaging
February 09, 2018

While you should never judge a book by its cover, if you are selling any product, this is not exactly true.  Your product's packaging is the first thing a potential buyer will see and hold when shopping.  The first impression is likely to determine whether they will buy it at all. A product that is well displayed in transparent packaging will even give the customer a reason to show it off, carrying word of mouth and hype for your product. How you package your product could make it or break it in the market!


Looking for inspiration? From vintage, complex, or transparent packaging designs, here are the top three trends in transparent packaging today!


  1. Using Original Fonts

Give your products an original and unique look by having a customized font.  This gives a signature style that customers will automatically relate to your product.  Incorporate the distinct look of the font into the characteristics you want to identify your product with.  Whether you are going for cool and slick, or strong and bold, your font will help convey this message.


  1. Simple Designs

Your design does not have to be complex to be catchy.  Often, very complex designs tend to distract your customers away from the message or product you want to show.  An effective design will focus on the product itself and highlight its best features.  A simpler design evokes a classic feel which customers relate to transcending trends.


  1. Transparency

There is no better way to highlight your product than seeing it.  Transparent packaging enables the customer to view what they are purchasing and imagine themselves holding it.  Seeing the product helps encourage the customer, helping them decide whether they will purchase it or not. 



Packaging is not only a means to protect and transport your goods, it is also a way to connect with your buyer.  It helps them make a definitive decision to purchase or not.  If a customer has a choice between two products, the tendency is to choose a product with more attractive packaging.


At Vue-Craft, we can help you find the ideal transparent packaging design – no matter the size of your operation! Call us or visit today. 


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