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Opt for Transparent Packaging with Vue-Craft
Opt for Transparent Packaging with Vue-Craft
January 07, 2019

Often when you visit a store, you’ll notice a product packaged in opaque packaging such as a cardboard box that someone else has opened up. The reason why?

People like to see what they are purchasing.

Opting for transparent packaging can enhance your product message and can show what makes your product unique while also shielding your product.


Vue-Craft specializes in the manufacturing of custom clear packaging solutions for industries involved in the marketing of wholesale or retail products. With over 60 years of proven excellence in customer service and packaging solutions, Vue-Craft’s standard of excellence is evident in the innovation and delivery of their packaging products.


Product and Design


To provide the best transparent solution for your product – you can download our catalogue directly from our website to see what ready-made products we offer. If you require a custom solution for your product, we would love to assist you with regard to what specifications your custom solution requires. We are more than capable in providing a solution for your product regardless of design and shape.


Our Manpower and Capabilities


Our highly-skilled team of expert packaging designers are here to offer their knowledge and skill-set in assessing and executing your transparent packaging needs. From conceptualizing and packaging to creating custom samples of your design – our experts are with you every step of the way.


Vue-Craft uses computers equipped with software dedicated to designing product packaging. From there we are able to produce cut-outs until the final design requirements are met. We work you to ensure your transparent packaging solution is to your specifications and that you are happy with the final product.


Need a clear packaging solution for your product? Give us a call – we’d love to discuss your unique product and how to best package it. We offer affordable packaging solutions for your product regardless of shape and size.


Great article! Glad to know Vue-Craft is capable of finding a solution regardless of product size and shape.
Posted by: Samantha | January 7, 2019, 10:49 am
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