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The 2 Major Guidelines that Dictate Product Packaging
The 2 Major Guidelines that Dictate Product Packaging
December 27, 2018

Consumer products are worth billions. But what makes these products so profitable? The marketing and overall design are obvious factors with product packaging serving to substantiate reputable brands. But what factors define the making or breaking of good package design? Here are two major guidelines to follow if you want your product to fly off market shelves:


Transparency and Honesty


Offering the most detailed of descriptions alone on product packaging does not compare to the benefits of being able to see the product. Transparent packaging allows consumers to get a better look at the product. This allows consumers to make a better decision about their purchase. A component of honesty is introduced by letting consumers decide if they like your product by actually seeing it rather than viewing an image of it.


Simplicity and Clarity



Transparent packaging should be design-oriented in such a way that offers simplicity and clarity in order for consumers to quickly determine what the product is all about. Consumers should not have to search the entire packaging of a product to determine what the product is and how to use it. Having a clear and simple design will allow consumers to not mistaken the product and product use. Products should also be compliant with regulatory standards.


Final Notes


In sum, when deciding what packaging your product will benefit from such as a transparent packaging design, simple label, or cardboard box, be sure to consider the above mentioned guidelines in the packaging design of your product.


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