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Industries That Benefit from Custom Transparent Packaging
Industries That Benefit from Custom Transparent Packaging
May 22, 2019

Studies have shown that clear packaging is the way to go. At Vue-Craft, not only do we produce clear packaging for industries, we make custom orders to fit every need that you might have. Custom transparent packaging is an added bonus that builds on the benefits of clear packaging – easy to identify, aesthetically-pleasing etc. – but on top of that they allow businesses to further customize their packaging to target consumers with specific wants and needs.


Here are some industries or sectors that have benefitted significantly from custom transparent packaging:


1. Arts and Crafts

Artists often struggle with the non-uniform nature of their products and materials. Custom transparent packaging has helped them organize small pieces and display finished items. These boxes and containers can hold beads, scrapbooking pieces like adhesive tapes and stickers, sewing materials, paints, and brushes. More importantly, finished products such as small sculptures or figurines can be housed safely inside a clear package, showcasing all of the artwork’s beauty while keeping the item safe.

2. Food and Beverage

Custom transparent packaging is hugely popular among food companies. Compartmentalized boxes are great for storing chocolates, hard candies, nuts, dried fruits etc. Segregating these products by color or by kind also makes them easy on the eyes. The fitted lids ensure freshness, but it is not too difficult to open – anyone can have a go at clear packaging and successfully access the goodies inside.

3. Heavy Industries

Contractors, technicians, and even DIY enthusiasts utilize custom transparent packaging to great effect by organizing and storing small parts. Keeping nuts, bolts, screws, and nails apart can make a technician or contractor’s job much easier.

4. Medical Industry

Clear and organized compartment boxes have been a boon to dentists, hearing aid suppliers, and optometrists specifically. These containers can help hold and secure delicate items like medical supplies and lenses. The individual will be able to find their needed tools quickly due to the transparent nature of the packaging, all while keeping the items safely stored away.

Custom transparent packaging can be used for a myriad of purposes and in numerous business niches. Food, arts and crafts, medicine, and the heavy industries are only some of the industries that have greatly benefited from the versatility of these products.

Never thought about how the medical industry benefits from this. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Simone | June 10, 2019, 2:11 pm
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