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An Overview of PVC
An Overview of PVC
May 02, 2019

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most commonly utilized synthetic plastic polymers in the world. When it comes to clear packaging, PVC has become the material of choice among most manufacturers due to its numerous benefits. Despite PVC appearing to be a modern and highly technological creation, it was actually discovered well over 100 years ago. Today we’ll take a walk down memory lane and discuss the brief history of PVC and its impact in the packaging industry.


Brief History

In 1838 and 1872, French scientist Henri Victor Regnault and German chemist Eugen Baumann respectively discovered PVC by complete accident. Oddly enough, neither man pursued their discovery as both occasions resulted in the polymer materializing as a white solid within flasks containing vinyl chloride gas. In 1913, Friedrich Heinrich August Klatte took out a patent on PVC. During this time, Klatte discovered a new method involving polymerization of vinyl chloride and exposure to sunlight. Eventually, an American inventor by the name of Waldo Semon developed a method to plasticize PVC. As time progressed, further experimentation and research gave birth to innovative uses and applications. The packaging industry, in particular, benefited heavily due to PVC’s versatility and durability.


Impact in the Packaging Industry

Clear packaging constructed from PVC allows for a durable and safe method of bundling various items. Compared to other packaging methods such as glass, PVC is a safer and cheaper alternative. Furthermore, PVC is also considered safe enough to package food items without compromising health or taste. Since the packaging is clear, it also allows consumers to see the contents of the box directly without having to rely on plain images. Overall, the cost-effective and versatile nature of PVC has revolutionized the packaging industry, allowing companies to effectively package and transport their products without compromise.


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