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How to Improve your Transparent Packaging
How to Improve your Transparent Packaging
April 24, 2019

Clear packaging is an effective way to give customers a visual experience without opening the box. Although packages are transparent, there are ways to enhance their appearance in order to attract more buyers. Here’s some advice to help spruce up your transparent packages and take them to the next level.


Use The Right Material

Not all packages are created equal. In order to stand out, clear packaging should be made with PVC. PVC is the quintessential material that is used in all high quality plastic packaging. It’s lightweight and very durable, making it incredibly easy to handle. Since PVC is resistant to shattering, it makes for a superior alternative to glass which can easily break. Moreover, PVC does not compromise organic products such as food, due to its organoleptic properties. Furthermore, PVC can be recycled, making it a greener alternative in comparison to other types of plastic.


Have It Customized

Customizing your clear package to reflect your brand is an effective way to attract customers. Don’t just opt for a basic looking box, try picking an appropriate shape which will accurately convey your product. For example, a hexagon-shaped design is very effective for packaging 6 or 12 cans or jars in a compact and organized manner. Another effective customization option is to mimic your product’s shape. If you’re packaging a cone-shaped product, then a cone-shaped package is an effective choice. It’s also important to remember that the entire package doesn’t have to be completely devoid of any symbols or designs. Decorating your package with colours and symbols can bring out some brand identity.


At Vue Craft, we offer the highest quality clear packaging services in Ontario. For over 60 years, our business has flourished due to our knowledge and expertise. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website and call us today.





Great tips - really helpful. I definitely recommend always customizing your packaging a bit.
Posted by: Mandy | May 30, 2019, 11:21 am
This is important to know.
Posted by: Brandon | April 24, 2019, 11:27 am
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