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Clear Packaging and Its Influence on Purchasing Decisions
Clear Packaging and Its Influence on Purchasing Decisions
December 30, 2016

Packaging plays a critical role when it comes to marketing your products. While there are many ways to package different products, clear packaging offers a unique choice if you want to display the visual characteristics of an item. Whether you want to package consumer electronics, beverages, food, beauty products, or anything in between, you need to choose an option that achieves your goals and adds value to the items you want to sell.

If utilized as outer packaging, clear packaging allows manufacturers to showcase the good design of the primary packaging used for a product. More than ever, customers can now see the gorgeous bottles used in colognes and perfumes because the secondary packaging gives a proper display. Clear packaging gives potential customers an idea of what is inside the package, displaying both the quantity and quality as they are. Most potential buyers love to explore as many aspects of a product as possible before they decide whether it is something suitable for them. With clear packaging, customers do not have to rely on written descriptions but can rather see things for themselves.

If you are in the consumer goods market, the last thing you want is to see your message, product image or brand being dragged in the mud. Plastic substrates offer a good quality finish that displays your message as intended. Gift sets look attractive when arranged properly inside a clear package. Quaint arrangements of chocolates, bath products or kitchen accessories are a hot ticket item every holiday season.

Vue-Craft not only offers a wide range of standard shapes of clear packaging but also allows for creative customization if need be. Some of the factors that affect your choice of clear packaging include:

  • Manufacturing – the packaging should complement your manufactured product
  • Shipping – The packaging should be appropriate for different methods of shipping chosen
  • Shelving – The packaging you choose should be consistent with your preferred shelving method 
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