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Your Guide to Recycling Transparent Plastic Packaging
Your Guide to Recycling Transparent Plastic Packaging
September 15, 2016

Every day we deal with plastics and transparent plastic packaging for products we purchased and we always wonder if they can be recycled. Recycling is now a trend because we are becoming more aware of the amount of plastic we use every day and the impact it has on the environment. Society is more informed that we have to protect the environment not just for this generation but for more generations to come and plastic recycling is one of the best ways to contribute to the cause.

Most areas have recycling facilities. The only problem is that not all facilities are able to recycle all kinds of plastic materials like the transparent plastic packaging commonly used in supermarkets. In order to know if what type of plastics your facility are handling, inquire with your local recycling company. There are also community websites wherein you can find information. If you find any flyers, print them out and post them near your recycling container inside the house in order to let every person in the house know of the plastics materials that they can send for recycling.

It is common to find transparent plastic packaging in the kitchen since it is the most common packaging used for food and drink but it is also important to scour the entire house for other recyclable plastics. It is common to find plastic materials in bathrooms since most of the things people use there are bought in plastic containers such as shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, conditioner and mouthwash. There are also plastic containers in the laundry area whenever you buy detergent as well as other cleaning products. In the garage, one might be able to find containers used after auto products have been depleted and the same goes for gardening products. Many of these plastic containers and packaging can be recycled in many facilities.

Aside from the containers, remember to attach with the containers all the caps of the plastic bottles and the lids of plastic containers. To make things easier for the people handling the recycling, squish the plastic bottles and containers and then attached their caps before including them in the recycling bin. Make sure to check before throwing into the recycling bin all your plastic wraps and bags from your grocery shopping. If there is no note saying so, do not include these items. What you can do is bring to grocery or retail stores that collect those bags for their own recycling purposes. This is not limited to grocery bags but also includes dry cleaning bags, sealable bags that are used for food storage, bread, produce and even newspapers. The plastic wraps in common household and personal products such as napkins, diapers and water bottles bought per case can also be included in the group. Remember to clean them before dropping in your local stores.    

I always ALWAYS recycle, it is actually very good for the environment.
Posted by: Abigail | January 27, 2017, 2:33 pm
Didn\\\'t know this! Good stuff!
Posted by: Johnny | November 7, 2016, 10:56 am
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