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Why You Should Use Transparent Packaging
Why You Should Use Transparent Packaging
August 10, 2018

While traditional and rigid packaging can often restrict areas on which one can print, flexible packaging is different since labels can be used! Transparent packaging can actually fully showcase your brand or the products that you are selling if you’re using this for your business.


The whole surface of flexible transparent packaging can actually be used for printing which makes it much better than traditional forms of packaging!


Even with the printing advantages of transparent packaging, there are many other benefits that you can’t find in traditional rigid packaging. Aside from the wide surface area to promote your product, transparent packaging can actually demonstrate the true potential of your product. In fact, these products are displayed with high-end graphics and are therefore providing easy dispensation.


Here are four advantages of using transparent packaging:


  • Lightweight Nature – Lightweight and transparent packaging is a great way to maintain product weight and thus, not add to extra shipping costs. Converting to flexible packaging can also reduce the weight of products by even as much as 50%.
  • Ease of Decoration or Printing – While rigid packaging requires a more expensive printing process, transparent packaging can provide you with an easier method that allows technologies such as security printing and brand identity printing.
  • Barrier Features – Flexible clear packaging can give your products the same barriers that glass can provide. These are barriers that prevent moisture or aroma from escaping the product, especially for products that require an adequate oxygen barrier such as milk, juices and wines.
  • Variation in Packaging – Flexible clear plastic films can actually be shaped into anything interesting and imaginable. This allows much creativity when it comes to enhancing labels as well as providing protection against the damaging effects of light and oxygen.


When you work with us at Vue-Craft, we’re highly capable of providing quality transparent packaging solutions to you. Regardless of your application, whether it be for a personal event like a wedding or a professional application like a business card holder, we’re sure that our solutions will service your unique specifications.

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