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What Makes Clear Plastic Boxes Packaging Perfect For All Occasions
What Makes Clear Plastic Boxes Packaging Perfect For All Occasions
July 25, 2018

Clear plastic boxes for packaging are a popular option for all sorts of occasions and products. Be it Christmas shopping for knick-knacks, a selection of chocolates from your local chocolatier or just takeout from your favourite restaurant, there is something about clear plastic boxes packaging that it just seems to work.


The thing with clear plastic boxes for packaging is that whereas most of the packaging is indeed colourless and transparent, even colouring small elements can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of box. It is what makes transparent boxes so amenable to whatever theme or function they are being used for.


We take a look at a few instances when a little bit of decoration or colour-matching can make clear plastic boxes packaging just perfect for the occasion.


Red or green – Red and green are the quintessential colours of Christmas. They stand out as extremely festive colours and immediately attract the eye of shoppers. This sort of colour coordinated scheme is best used during the holiday season, lest you confuse customers with the colour scheme.


Golden – Clear plastic boxes packaging with hints of golden is absolutely perfect for gifting. There is something about the colour golden that people immediately associate it with luxury and occasion. It is why you will frequently see this colour being used during souvenir shopping, when buying delicate curios and even jewellery.


Clear – This is by far the most ubiquitous of all packaging. And its most common use? In takeaway food. Perhaps that best reflects the tremendous versatility of clear plastic boxes packaging. It can be made to adhere to strict food safety guidelines and be inert and unreactive. It is sturdy, air tight and is trusted to be spill proof.


Regardless of your packaging needs, Vue-Craft has the capability to custom make all types of clear plastic boxes packaging to suit your exact requirements.

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