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Use Transparent Packaging When Distributing Your Products
Use Transparent Packaging When Distributing Your Products
July 19, 2017

Do you still use cardboard boxes or other opaque/translucent packaging for your products in the factory when distributing them to your retailers? This method of packaging is outdated in the modern age. Transparent packaging has quickly risen to the top of the market. This is because, in conventional packaging materials, the products are invisible to testers, shippers, and retailer representatives. This makes it impossible to see defects and presents a problem during the presentation of your products on store shelves.

Types of Transparent Packaging in Use Today

  1. Plastic Film. This form of transparent packaging is thin and able to cover items, following the shape of the object. The film is sticky to be able to attach itself to the object to protect it from the elements. Purchasing plastic film packaging wholesale for your products is undeniably the cheapest option, although you do so at the cost of safety and structural integrity during shipping and handling.
  2. Plastic Box.  This kind of transparent packaging is similar to a cardboard box, only the box is made out of high-grade plastic. The plastic can easily be folded and fit together. Advantages of packing your products in this type of transparent material packaging are that you can improve the level of protection for delicate products, thereby saving costs to replace damaged products during shipping.
  3. Plastic Crate. This is the largest kind of transparent packaging. The thickness of the crate’s walls determines its strength and durability. This is, in essence, a large box that could not be folded but would stand on its own. This can hold large objects sturdily for long periods of time. Best used for your bulkier products, or for shipping large quantities of smaller items to the same location.

The beauty of transparent packaging is its versatility. This can be as soft as plastic film or as hardy as a plastic crate or as flexible as plastic boxes. Using transparent packaging helps in monitoring the contents being stored. Furthermore, this packaging has a greater ability to withstand elements in the long run.

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