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Understanding the Differences Between Flexible and Rigid Plastic Packaging
Understanding the Differences Between Flexible and Rigid Plastic Packaging
August 19, 2019

When it comes to selecting what type of transparent plastic packaging makes the most sense for your product, there are a few factors you may not have considered. Most of these factors fall into the two broader categories of plastic packaging: rigid and flexible packaging. As their names suggest, these types of packaging are differentiated based on their flexibility. Depending on the needs of your product, you may opt for one or the other.


Today we’ll discuss the key differences between rigid and flexible transparent plastic packaging.


Size and Weight

  • Rigid packaging has a denser composition than flexible packaging options, and will subsequently weigh more
  • The exact size of the packaging will also depend on individual requirements – rigid packaging solutions tend to take up more space, whereas flexible transparent packaging will not take up as much room


Overall Durability

  • While rigid packaging solutions tend to provide better protection than flexible packaging solutions, they are more susceptible to package deformation where the external surface is more prone to being scratched or dented
  •  Flexible plastic packaging will not typically experience any deformities such as scratches or dents in the same regard as more rigid solutions would


Branding Considerations

  • Flexible packaging solutions offer more freedom when it comes to customization. From colour, design, size, or finish – flexible packaging can seemingly do it all, while also being more cost-effective than more rigid packaging solutions
  • Unlike flexible packaging, rigid packaging is difficult to customize and will tend to cost more to design and print


Finding a Reputable Transparent Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

Vue-Craft is a leader in the design and manufacture of plastic packaging. Having over 60 years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to consistently improving and perfecting our craft. We work hard to meet your specifications while ensuring your product packaging solution is just as unique as your product. We are proud of our ability to provide a premium quality packaging solution for your product every time!

Interesting read! Always wondered what the difference was
Posted by: Charlie | August 19, 2019, 11:05 am
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