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The Various Benefits of Transparent Plastic Packaging
The Various Benefits of Transparent Plastic Packaging
September 05, 2018

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for much better product packaging, especially among food and beverages. The packaging industry is, in fact, a booming industry. Despite the fact that some sellers still sell using tin cans and cardboard boxes, more and more are converting to transparent plastic packaging.


Utilizing transparent plastic packaging for your products can yield a number of different benefits!


Businesses are switching to clear packaging because they believe that more and more customers are demanding for more and more visualization. Thus, flexible clear product packaging has grown more popular than more traditional, rigid types of packaging.


It’s estimated that 40% of product packaging are tin cans but this is a trend that is beginning to change due to clear product packaging. The advantages of the latter outweigh the advantages of tin cans and other opaque packages.


Here’s a list of advantages that transparent plastic packaging offers:


  • Lightweight Capacity – The clear product package only adds as much as 5% of the actual weight of the food or beverage that it holds. With clear product packaging, you are guaranteed to save a lot on costs – especially shipping!
  • Versatility – This type of packaging is highly versatile and able to molded into a variety of shapes. Custom tailored to a specific application, transparent plastic packaging is incredibly useful!
  • Excellent Shelf Life – Clear plastic packaging can last a long time and benefits its containments with a long shelf life! These containers are perfect for holding a number of different items – from chocolate and food, to stationery and envelopes.


We at Vue-Craft can give you the best transparent plastic packaging for your products. This type of packaging is meant to showcase your products and provide you with the best chances of getting them sold. With many years of experience in the plastic packaging industry, we take pride in giving you the best quality clear packages.

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