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The Power of Transparent Tube Packaging for Marketing Products
The Power of Transparent Tube Packaging for Marketing Products
November 14, 2017

The type of packaging that an item is presented in has a surprisingly strong influence on a potential customer. Out of the many types of available packaging, transparent tube packaging is one of the best choices to promote higher sales, thanks to its versatile and cost-effective nature. Using cylindrical packages means using a unique option for products, one that enables the product to stand out in such a way that it can work to sell itself.


The availability of options such as embossing or foil stamping give products that are packaged this way an advantage when competing for a customer’s attention. Coloured lids and closures can further help your items stand out in a product line – Vue-Craft uses colours that include silver and gold as finishes for these products. This means that the packaging is eye-catching without distracting from the product beneath the protective plastic.


Another great advantage of transparent tube packaging is the fact that it is both durable and flexible, in that it can be used for a very wide variety of products. Clear tubes can carry heavier items while protecting them from moisture, and they are also durable enough to withstand shipping and handling. Countless goods can be packed using these containers – toys, posters, food and health care products, cosmetics, and many more. The moisture protection also means that products such as invitations, artwork, or blueprints can be transported much more easily with transparent tube packaging.

Transparent tube packaging is everything you could want in a PVC package.

A wide variety of products and industries that can benefit from these packages, which is why Vue-Craft offers packages that are customizable in size, shape, and in printing, for logos and messages. We are the experts that specialize in providing an innovative and creative custom packaging that always meet our clients’ desires and special needs. You can contact us today to discover how our custom packaging options could be the ideal solution for your inventory.

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