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The Major Challenges Facing Plastics and Clear Packaging
The Major Challenges Facing Plastics and Clear Packaging
July 31, 2018

According to reports, plastic will continue to replace traditional materials such as glass and metal in packaging many different types of products. Clear packaging made of flexible plastic is light weight and easily transportable, cost-effective, and it offers better performance in retail display. Its global consumption is expected to exceed $200 billion in 2022.


The growing demand for flexible clear packaging is closely tied to the importance of sustainability in plastics, one of the main concerns for producers and customers alike.


The need for sustainable methods of packaging has put pressure on both brand owners and retailers to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging materials. They have responded by reducing material usage without sacrificing package performance, increasingly by using recycled or lightweight plastics and investing in bioplastic research. With lightweight clear packaging, the end consumer can contribute more to recycling efforts.   


Many retailers are exploring options in biodegradable clear packaging for various products, including organic, private-label brands and fresh foods. Technological developments play a crucial role in advancing a sustainable model of plastic packaging. Bio-based plastics are expected to establish a significant market share in the coming years.


Rigid plastic packaging, in the meantime, has been replaced by light, flexible plastic in most industries. This packaging type is better suited to pre-cycling, since it uses far fewer resources and less energy than rigid polymer. This translates to reduced packaging costs, easier transport, lower emissions, less materials used, and added performance advantages in retail over rigid package formats.


Stand-up pouches, for example, are made of laminated plastic films or foils which are lightweight and use far less materials than rigid containers. With expert design Vue-Craft, we can offer flexible packaging with key features like handles, lids and child-proof caps for any product.


At Vue-Craft, we are experts at creating customized plastic solutions for clear packaging, and we can provide your product with the means to stand out and succeed in retail. Contact us today to learn more!

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