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The Essentials of Clear Packaging
The Essentials of Clear Packaging
June 18, 2019

The power of clear packaging cannot be overstated. Clear packaging can be custom-made based on the customer's preferred shapes and sizes, and depending on the nature of the product. Each package is carefully manufactured with care in order to ensure the best quality and durability.


Fast economical service is always the guiding principle behind clear packaging.


For manufacturers, investment in clear packaging is essential for the success of their product. It reduces the total weight of the products especially if they were traditionally delivered in tin cans or glass bottles. In fact, tin cans account for 40% of the weight of the product while some glass bottle jars can even make up to 95% of the weight. Thus, the cost of shipment can incredibly high.

Thanks to the flexible packaging industry, goods can now be sold at a lighter weight and with the same benefits as when they were sold in tin cans and glass jars. With the market for clear packaging reaching an estimated $17 billion in the US alone and with a projected growth rate of around 3% annually, this booming industry has vast potential.


Here are the two main types of clear packaging:


  • Flexible Plastic Packaging - Flexible clear product packaging is engineered to reduce the weight of products in transit, preserve their consistency and quality over time, and showcase their visible physical appearance to customers. This multi-billion dollar industry has helped many businesses elevate their products and sales.
  • Rigid Plastic Packaging - With an inflexible form, rigid plastic packaging is the older version of plastic packaging. Although some are clear, many types are still not fully transparent. Thus, the term clear product packaging usually refers to flexible plastic types. That being said, the rigid plastic packaging industry is still experiencing increasing demand especially from the manufacturers of food and beverages.

Flexible clear packaging reduces energy consumption as well as weight and costs of shipment. For retailers, flexible plastic packages usually increase shelf space and allow for better aesthetics and labeling. For consumers, the advantage is multifold from easy-to-open packages to being able to see the product within.

Love this stuff to package my cookies!
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