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The Advantages of Transparent Tube Packaging for Your Product
The Advantages of Transparent Tube Packaging for Your Product
January 12, 2018

Are you looking for a packing solution that is completely out of the box for your new product? Does your product demand it be displayed professionally? If the usual packaging options just won’t do, you need to look at transparent tube packaging from Vue Craft.

Vue Craft is situated in Toronto, Ontario, where we provide customized clear packing solutions for hundreds of different products.


When it comes to unique products with irregular shapes, or those that demand the center stage, transparent tube packaging will bring your product to the fore.


Vue Craft offers different standard and customized clear packaging options to do just that! With transparent tube packaging you can display your product perfectly, letting your customer take it all in.

Here are some the reasons why we are a trusted brand in transparent tube packaging among Canadian retailers:

  • Our tubes or cylinders are all custom-built. This means that Vue Craft designs this type of packaging just for your business and product. You can choose diameters from 1.5 inches to 8 inches. The lids used on the tubes are also customized to match the dimensions of the tube. You have 3 colors that you can choose from for the base of the cylinder. You can pick gold, silver or clear.
  • Vue Craft has 60 years of experience transforming PVC to clear containers. With the extensive knowledge of our experts on staff, the packaging for your products can readily be created and designed to stand out.
  • Vue Craft uses advanced technology to manufacture its packaging, capable of producing commercial-grade packaging at any scale and dimension. You can rely on Vue Craft to create product packaging accurately based on your specifications and requirements.
  • Improve the branding of your company as well as your products with transparent tube packaging. It is unique and eye-catching. You can even put the logo of your brand on the side of the tube packaging, adding more value and exposure to the company and the product.
  • Vue Craft helps you save money. Since you are doing business with the manufacturer, you can specify your requirements and receive the packaging in a short time. 
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