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Recyclable Transparent Plastic Packaging
Recyclable Transparent Plastic Packaging
June 12, 2018

Recycling plastics is one of the most important responsibilities businesses and individuals have to help save the environment. The more plastic one recycles, the more one can contribute to a clean environment not just for the community but for the future. It is important to know which types of plastics can be recycled, like transparent plastic packaging, and which ones cannot be recycled, like black plastic bags or dinner trays.


Transparent plastic packaging, which provides a clear advantage in retail and shelving, is recyclable and is easy to process for the producer, retailer, consumer and recycler.


These are some of the most common types of recyclable plastics:

  • Polystyrene – Used in foam cups and in plastic drinking cups and bakery trays, this can be recycled anytime. You can still convert this type of plastic to clamshells and yoghurt containers. Anything marked PS is polystyrene and is recyclable.
  • Plastic Lids and Tubs – This is transparent plastic packaging that is usually made from polypropylene. This can be found in your plastic container of ice cream or margarine, and this type of plastic is usually recycled for personal care products.
  • Plastic Caps and Bottles – You can find this type of transparent plastic packaging in bottles for water, soda pop, juice, medicines, condiments and liquors. Many of them are made from polypropylene. You can recycle these bottles, as well as their caps, as they are made from HDPE.
  • Other Plastic Types – Plastic resins and composites in various colors, sizes, and shapes are also recyclable. This type of plastic is usually identifiable by a code or product specification.

Transparent plastic packaging is recyclable, versatile and easy to handle. It increases customer engagement and facilitates optimal display. Almost 80% of all plastics are recyclable, particularly if they are transparent.


With VueCraft, your business and product can rely on customizable packaging options that employ clear plastic which is effective and recyclable. It will provide a commercial advantage while ensuring the end user can easily recycle the packaging and create little waste. Contact us today to learn more about transparent plastic packaging.

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