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Industrial Use of Scented Plastic Packaging
Industrial Use of Scented Plastic Packaging
May 09, 2017

Clear product packaging was first introduced over a century ago, and has significantly improved as since the early 1900s. The use of scented plastic is growing popular among consumers, with companies offering a variety of packaging. Examples include vanilla and strawberry – you can also customize the scent and have it embedded on your clear product packaging, making it both modern and unique. Common applications include:


Clothing and Apparel

A revolutionary development in clothing and apparel packaging relates to the use of fresh linen scented folding cartons. The fragrance-based packaging not only keeps your clothes fresh but also gives them a natural fruity scent. For a more lasting aroma, the packaging may be printed or laminated with a fruity varnish, making them special for any occasion.  


Health, Beauty & Personal Care

A great scent is a perfect marketing tool for luxurious health, beauty and personal care products. The clear product packaging option for scented boxes gives customers a sensational feel of the product within.



When looking for exquisite clear packaging for pharmaceutical, personal care and beauty products, consider adding a scent. Market research has shown that consumers are drawn to and stimulated by scents as they heighten our sense of smell and spark curiosity – we want to know what is inside that clear product packaging.


Electrical & Electronics

Most products that come from the electrical and electronics industry are required to have a 360-degree view of the product inside. Marketing the product is best developed when scented clear product packaging is used.


At the heart of the finest clear scented packaging is Vue-Craft – we are proud to design high quality clear product packaging for the Canadian market, and strive to offer the best packaging solutions for every industry. Visit our website at to learn more about our line of products and competitive rates!

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