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Important Factors for your Custom Transparent Packaging
Important Factors for your Custom Transparent Packaging
November 07, 2016

Vue craft takes into consideration several factors when designing the type of clear packaging for different products. Here are some of those factors:

  • How the product appears on the shelf

Shelving is an important factor in product marketing and the method used is very significant. Common questions that are asked include:

  • How will your item appear in an ideal display?
  • Will it show the messaging of brand?
  • Does it maximize the quantity per square inch to enable you save space?
  • Does it prompt the customer with a ‘try me’ allure?
  • Does it bring out the products visual characteristics as it should?

With a wide range of custom transparent packaging options, we see to it that your customers get the urge to try out the product and interact with it.

  • The shelf performance of decorative cartons

It is always critical for decorated cartons to stand out on a shelf because you don’t know how many other products will be placed with yours. Products are designed with enough strength to withstand maximum stacking in different environments.  Clear cartons with specialty inks, embossing and coatings are designed to endure constant customer handling without defacing or losing shape. Remember that products at times spend an extended period at the display, within which they need to stay fresh and untouched.

  • The fragility of a product

It is important to look into a product’s penetrability and breakability throughout the manufacturing, shipping and distribution processes, in order to take care of the internal conditions of the product. While this might compromise on its visual effects, Vue Craft’s custom transparent packaging options include VAC form or corrugated inserts, banded or shrink wrapped designs. This builds security to the product which is an added advantage

  • Budget

Your budget is a critical factor in the decision process of your packaging options. While most packaging methods tend to add unnecessary costs to a product, PVC custom transparent packaging is a pocket friendly option to rely upon.

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