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Adapting to Consumer Demand by Enhancing Customer Experience
Adapting to Consumer Demand by Enhancing Customer Experience
February 14, 2019

By now we know that consumer behaviour dictates the direction of retail marketing. The ways in which consumers navigate through the many options of how they purchase goods have changed dramatically with the onset of the internet and the influence of social media. Factors like virality, beautiful transparent packaging evident in unboxing videos, and product reviews are avenues in which consumers conduct research for a surface-level understanding of a product before emptying their shopping cart and making that final purchase.


Current trends depict major shifts in almost all types of retail environments from in-store to online, indicating a need for retailers to adapt accordingly. Regardless, retail stores are still an important sales channel for old-school consumers who are used to seeing and holding physical products before making the decision to purchase. The real question is – how can retailers and manufacturers alike appeal to both the old-school consumer and the new-school online shopper in an in-store sales environment?


Today we’ll go through two ways in which retailers can create positive customer experiences to draw consumers out of their homes and purchasing in-store.


Constructing Immersive and Captivating Customer Experiences


The popularity of online shopping is most likely the result of usability and ease – where consumers (usually) know exactly what they’re getting with just a few clicks. One way to reach past the ease of shopping online is honing on customer experiences. With the invention of the selfie, and more and more Instagram worthy places and “museums” popping up, it appears that customers enjoy engaging with their surroundings (if not to also just post their happenings on social media). This phenomenon can be applied to in-store consumer experiences. More and more retailers are honing in on consumer experiences by allowing them to experience and engage with their products in-store i.e. augmented reality in retail, or creating circumstances that are applicable to the ‘lifestyle’ your brand adheres to i.e. hosting yoga classes in-store if you’re an active wear brand.



Creating Positive Product Experiences with Minimalist Packaging


Enhancing consumer experience doesn’t always mean creating viral-worthy experiences. There are some instances in which it’s best to engage consumers by offering a more minimalistic product understanding that leaves less to the imagination. Another subtler way of creating more engaging customer experiences is in product packaging. Opting for clear packaging allows prospective buyers to see exactly what they’re getting. Studies suggest that clear packaging actually does better in certain retail environments (i.e. grocery stores). Leaving less to the imagination, transparent packaging hones in on the same simplicity offered by online shopping – serving to streamline the interaction from retail shelves to purchase.


Custom Transparent Packaging Solutions by Vue-Craft


If you’re looking to enhance customer experience in-store, Vue-Craft can help you design and customize a transparent packaging solution for your product. With years of experience and knowledge designing with PVC packaging, the possibilities are endless. Accentuate customer experience by leaving less to the imagination, letting your product shine. Streamline the sales funnel process within minimalist packaging provided by Vue-Craft!



Interesting read about the shift to online-shopping and ways to make the most of in-store consumer experiences!
Posted by: Samantha | February 14, 2019, 12:52 pm
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