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5 Examples That Show How Transparent Tube Packaging Is A Win For the Arts Market
5 Examples That Show How Transparent Tube Packaging Is A Win For the Arts Market
February 22, 2017

You’re a local artisan in the Toronto area and you’ve got a BIG array of things you’d like to display the next weekend you’re there. What if you’re new to the market scene and you just don’t know how to stand out from the crowd? You see ribbons and bows tied up around soaps (that aren’t even packaged, oh no!), wooden baskets, and spoons.

How are you going to compete?

  • Look around at all the vendors and their products
  • Get into the mind of your crowd
  • Communicate and connect!

You won’t sell a thing if you don’t understand the environment you’re selling in. So get to know the people who you’re catering to, and the people who might be attracting their attention more successfully than you are.

How are other products being sold on the marketplace?

  • Are they sold in small, medium, or large boxes?
  • What kind of colours are they packaged in?
  • Are they in packages at all?
  • If it is packaged, then how so?
  • What kind of product is it: food, accessory, tool, etc.?
  • Is it packaged accordingly to the shape of the product?
  • If the shape is a bottle, is it in transparent tube packaging?
  • Are any products in opaque packaging?
  • Is anything decorated in an interesting manner?
  • Are they positioned a certain way on their table?

All of these aspects have a big impact on the way consumers view your product. So this is why you need to take into account visual marketing strategies when presenting your products to consumers.

Although the “forbidden fruit” theory may sound like it’s effective to sell your product, this isn’t always the case, especially if your product is visually appealing. People want to see what they’re buying from you; they don’t just want to hear a sales pitch.

Here is how transparent tube packaging will help with that:


#1 Candles

People don’t buy candles just for the scent. They want to know their room will be refreshed in terms of the air and the view. So if you’re going to be selling hand-crafted candles, especially if they’re carved by your own hand, you’ll want to make sure your customers don’t damage them on the way home.

You also want to make sure that when they’re walking back to their car, others in the market can see how beautifully the candle has been carved. So packaging is smart, but transparent packaging is even smarter!

#2 Jewelry Stands

These are often gorgeous, but awkward fixtures that are hard to carry. Do you take it by the middle, from the bottom, or the top? Make it easier for the jewelry lover who will be buying your product. With transparent packaging they’ll have an easier time wrapping it up for someone else or just bringing it back home in general.

#3 Cookies, Cakes, and other rounded sweets that stack up

If your potential customers have kids walking around with them, chances are they’ll want a snack. Chances are higher they’ll want your snack if they see how enchanting it looks. Why hide those great decorations if you’ve worked so hard on them? Make sure the kids with the sweet teeth can see them!

#4 Utensils

You see bundles of pens and the like in office supply stores right? Most of them are in transparent tube packaging so that you know what you’re getting. Even boring amenities like pens are in clear packaging. So the utensils you make in your workshop need to be on display. There’s no competition when people see that they have an option to write using handmade utensils.

#5 Coasters

Usually people don’t just buy one coaster, so you need to have clear tubes ready for them in which they can pack their coasters. Spread them out on your vendor table so that they can see how different they are, or have them already packed and good to go. Perhaps they look great from the sides and people will be enthralled just by that. It’s always better for people to see what they have in their package before they buy!


Products need to be displayed properly, especially products that are meant to be looked at (or even eaten). Take into account how people view your products and try out transparent packaging the next time you put your product on display. The results will be as beautiful as your handmade creations.

This gives me so many new ideas thank you so much!!
Posted by: Sandra T | April 11, 2017, 9:54 am
Amazing, I never thought of this.
Posted by: Darcy | April 11, 2017, 9:54 am
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