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3 Pivotal Factors in Packaging Design
3 Pivotal Factors in Packaging Design
October 09, 2019

There’s no doubt that design plays an imperative role from both aesthetic and functional perspectives  – with good design embracing both of these perspectives inherently. Product design choices such as clear packaging, can play an essential role in marketability when it comes to reaching target audiences once on the shelves of their favourite stores, or increasingly – online.


Decisions like deciding between opaque versus clear packaging, or choosing colours, content, and graphic images can all play a part in the customer’s decision-making process.


As leaders in transparent packaging solutions, Vue-Craft is here to outline 3 pivotal factors that can make or break great packaging design.


1. The Product in the Packaging

The number one factor when trying to come up with a packaging solution has everything to do with the product to be packaged. Depending on your product, differing transparent packaging solutions will be available to you. For instance, the packaging of chocolates will likely be different than a non-food item packaging solution, such as a beauty item.


2. Your Target Market

The second most important factor to consider when selecting a packaging solution is your target audience – that is, delineating who your average customer is from the rest of the consumer population. Dressing your packaging solution to the liking of what your target audience can effectively lead to larger sales margins in the long term.


3. How Prospective Clients Shop

After figuring out who your target market is, it’s also worth assessing their average shopping behaviours. Are they more prone to purchasing in-store or online? Are they more receptive to certain colours and graphical markings on product packaging when it is available in-person? Or do they prefer more minimalist design like clear packaging?


A Few Final Notes

With those three factors in mind, you can now make more of an informed decision when designing your product packaging. If you’re looking for a transparent packaging solution, Vue-Craft offers the experience and capabilities necessary to bring your product packaging design to life. Compliment your product with minimalist yet fully customizable design! Call us today for help designing packaging that will provide both aesthetic and functional value to your product – we’d be happy to help.


Thanks, I've been looking for a resource to help me make my clear packaging stand out.
Posted by: Michael | November 15, 2019, 2:54 pm
Informative! All great points
Posted by: Tatum | October 9, 2019, 4:14 pm
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